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Emma H.        21/06/2016

More than a film

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Endometriosis is a condition which affects about 1 in 10 women. It is a systemic, inflammatory disease (possibly of an autoimmune nature) where the lining of the uterus (endometrium) appears elsewhere in the abdominal cavity, causing internal bleeding, inflammation, and A LOT of pain.


Endometriosis is still not a very well-known condition and it is rarely talked about. Fortunately, things are beginning to change! Millions of women worldwide need to get better access to information in order to be able to decide what approach suits them best to manage the disease. Moreover, their partners, friends, colleagues and employers should have a better understanding of the condition and the hardships it entails.


Shannon Cohn is an award-winning producer who has struggled with endometriosis for years. And now she’s made another step towards raising awareness and produced a documentary.


Check out the trailer on the Endo…what? pages. You can buy the film (a digital copy or a DVD), and what’s more, you can further support the cause by paying an additional ten dollars to have a DVD delivered to a school or a library!


If you’re ready to give even more support, just add in an awareness-raising T-shirt, or even better, organize a charity viewing of the film in your area.


But no worries, spreading the word is more than enough! A better informed society will be a joy to live in for us all.


Source: Flo Living

I've watched the film for you.

What are the main messages in the documentary?






Pain during your period IS NOT normal.


Endometriosis is a systemic inflammatory disease.


It contains a genetic component. (If your mother and your sister have it, the chance that you will also have it is sevenfold.)


Associated conditions are IBS, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor muscular dysfunction, thyroid problems, chronic fatigue, joint pain, and many others.





It is an estrogen-dependent disease. Post-surgery treatment with estrogen aggravates it, as it drives inflammatory response.


Pregnancy DOES NOT cure endometriosis.


Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) DOES NOT cure endometriosis.


Oopherectomy (removal of the ovaries) DOES NOT cure endometriosis.


Hormone manipulation may alleviate symptoms but often brings along other issues like bone density loss, hot flashes, hair loss, short-term memory loss. (E.g. Lupron alters the brain chemistry, plus its negative effects may be permanent.) Hormones are nothing more than band-aid!





Laparoscopy of endo is very difficult and the surgeon should be an endo specialist. Endometriosis surgery is 7-8 times riskier than many other surgeries because it involves multiple organs. It cannot be done by a regular gynaecologist.


Endo has to be excised entirely, it is not enough to only burn the surface of it. Only one surgery should be enough to get rid of it once and for all. Multiple surgeries mean they were poorly done.


You still have the disease even after surgery. You need to restore health. Western medicine does not include this step. Most of the pain generators are still there. This is where Eastern medicine has a much better effect.





Endo-related causes of infertility are structural and systemic – because of lesions, sperm cannot get to the egg; because of inflammation, egg and sperm can’t implant properly. Out of the 30% of women with endo who experience infertility, half of them eventually conceive.





Endo is multifactorial. Inflammation is the underlying cause of the pain. Pain can be relieved by combining nutrition, herbs, exercise, and developing the mind/body aspect. When you only adopt one of these approaches, it will not work. Support the body’s natural restoration process. Start with sleep! Follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Reduce chemicals and toxins in your environment.


Endometriosis is highly individual; you have to find your cure yourself. Doctors don’t have all the answers! You are the expert on your own body.


Educate yourself!

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